Meet Brownie

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Breed:Golden Retriever (mix)
Age: 6 years
Weight: 60lbs
Altered: Yes

Happy, easy going, intelligent and intuitive! Ready to take on the world with you by my side! A symbol of hope and survival...that's me, Brownie! I'm 6 years old and approximately 60 pounds. I lived my life on a chain until the rescue heroes of AGN saved me. I knew that one day I'd find my meant to be forever family that would show me love and kindness. And boy oh boy....have I experienced more love and kindness in my foster home than words can describe. I'm now a pampered pup and enjoying every moment of it! I'm what rescue is all about as I'm a true success story!

When I first came to my foster family, I was experiencing everything for the first time. I had to learn that life was not about survival, but life was about love. Not only did I have to learn the world with some things being scary at first, but I also had to undergo heartworm treatments. Well...I did it! I'm one amazing fella and I just know that I have a purpose in life!

All About My Sweet Personality
-Super sweet and loving with my family...human and furry
-Friendly with strangers - will walk right up to everyone and then sit and wait to be petted
-Enjoys trips to the pet store or anywhere fun you'll take me
-Submissive to my humans and sensitive to their emotions
-Perfect balance of dependence and independence
-Thrives on routine and structure - this helps my confidence and decreases anxiety (this is true for any dog)
-Great with my dog "pack" and adore my furry foster brother as he's been my main mentor and best buddy - I look to him for guidance
-I love food and if foster brother steals it, I just look to foster mom for more - Foster mom feeds us all separately so that I have plenty of space to enjoy and not three other dogs staring at me while I eat; I get so excited and do a little dance for my food
-Critter chaser - I love to chase birds, squirrels and cats
-Moderate energy overall - mostly laid back and mellow with bouts of excitement and playfulness

Things I enjoy:
-Playing and wrestling with my furry foster brother - we LOVE to play tug with toys, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle and just hang out together
-Lying on the deck on a sunny day and watching the birds, squirrels and bunnies for the perfect opportunity to chase them
-Chasing the birds, squirrels and bunnies - So much fun!
-Did I mention I LOVE to eat - oh how I enjoy food!
-Riding in the car with the entire furry dog pack - We are hilarious and have so much fun
-Walks with my dog siblings - I walk well on my Walk Your Dog With Love harness
-Being brushed - oh how I adore this pampering

Scary Things:
-Anything new - it takes me a bit to get comfortable, but I will if you just give me some time
-Storms - I seek out my humans and get as close to them as possible after some panting and pacing
-The vet clinic - Who likes to go the doctor and be poked and prodded? Not me!
-Sometimes crossing unknown thresholds can be scary and I just need reassurance

Things I need to work on:
-Continued socialization, confidence building and training - I've made amazing progress with continued success and everyone is so proud of me; I still need to continue practicing what I've learned
-Occasional counter surfing, so just keep yummy food off the counter

My House Manners:
-No need for crate - free roam without bothering anything
-Sleeps in bed with foster family, dog bed or couch
-Furniture dog - loves to hang out on the couch or chair

Commands I know:
-Sit, Down (Lie Down), Stay, Watch Me, Touch, Leave It

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone committed to positive reinforcement training and confidence building activities
-Moderately active family who enjoys daily walks
-Family that thrives on a daily routine - structured routine is best for me as it keeps me from getting anxious when I know what the routine is
-Calm household without children - I have no history with children and they might be overwhelming and over stimulating for me in a home environment
-I need another dog to mentor me, but it must be the right dog match for me - I need a dog with a neutral temperament with other dogs (not submissive and not dominant); a dog that shares toys and a dog that is not food aggressive; a dog that is laid back and yet will play and wrestle with me
-Working home is fine for me as long as I get my daily exercise
-6 foot privacy fenced yard is required as I try to climb the fence to chase the birds or critters; not suitable for townhome/condo

To know what I've been through in life and the progress I've made is to be admired! Everyone is so proud of me! I'm not a perfect dog because I've had a tough life, but who and what is perfect? I'm a survivor and I'm now living life to the fullest. I have a story and the chapters in my book are still being written. So, if you can understand my past and the amazing progress I've made and want to be a part of my incredible journey to maximize my potential, then let's write the next chapters together. I'm a true diamond in the rough and I'm sparkling more and more each day! Now, I just need to find my meant to be family to spend forever with. Could it be you?

Luv, Brownie

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots